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Swimming Pool Refinishing and Resurfacing


The best pool refinishing company in the United States is American Pools Resurfacing. We have decades of swimming pool resurfacing and refinishing experience and only use the absolute best products available. Quality, customer service, and repeat business are our passion. We invite you to speak with our current customers to learn how we maintain and cultivate long-term relationships, something that is rare in the swimming pool refinishing industry.

Our experience and vast knowledge in the swimming pool industry allow us to stay on the cutting edge of pool technology. We only use refinishing and resurfacing products that are safe for the environment and you. Our techniques and procedures are modern, proven, and efficient. We always finish jobs on-time and make sure our customers are completely satisfied before ending a project.

We service swimming pools all over the Eastern United States including New York (NY), New Jersey (NJ), Pennsylvania (PA), Maryland (MD), Virginia (VA), West Virginia (WV), North Carolina (NC) and South Carolina (SC).

Contact us today at 877-897-POOLS(6657) or to find out how we can give your swimming pool new life or just a seasonal refreshing.

Professional Pool Refinishing Services

American Pools Resurfacing has the best reputation in the swimming pool refinishing industry. We specialize in commercial and residential pool and spa refinishing and resurfacing, leak detection, plumbing, skimmers, main drains, pool deck repair, custom tile and coping, pool conversions from vinyl liner to fiberglass shell, and much more!

We have developed our own high-tech resurfacing process for fiberglass swimming pools. We use specially designed epoxy that is the strongest, safest, and longest-lasting product available. We use both spray and hand applied techniques to maximize efficiency and quality.

  • Pool deck resurfacing and repair
  • Custom pool side coping and tilework
  • Vinyl liner pool conversion to permanent fiberglass liner
  • Repair and resurfacing of concrete, steel, and gunite pools
  • Commercial pools, lane lines and wall targets
  • Main drains and anti-entrapment conversions in accordance with Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act
  • Shallow up deep ends
  • Deck and in-pool expansion joints
  • Leak detection, plumbing repair, and all your pump house needs

  • We have the knowledge and expertise
    Richard Robinson, owner and operator of American Pools Resurfacing, has over 25 years experience repairing, refinishing, and resurfacing swimming pools and spas. APR's rapidly growing loyal customer base is due to Rick's innovative and proven techniques perfected through pool projects in schools, military bases, motels, hotels, resorts, athletic clubs, and private homes. American Pools Resurfacing is the solution to all of your swimming pool and spa needs.

    In all APR jobs, the owner is involved from start to finish. We NEVER use sub-contractors, only our own trusted, proven, and experienced workers. Quality of work, listening to and following our customer's instructions carefully, and consistent communication are our foundation. The APR company motto is "Do it right the first time, every time".

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    By American Pool Resurfacing

    Staying on top of the latest trends and methodologies in the pool industry is extremely important. We make sure that the materials and application techniques we use are the best for the specific job. Refinishing and refurfacing a pool can be hard work. If not done properly, major problems to the pool's surface can occur such as discoloration and peeling. It is important to have a professional with an excellent work history and reputation, like Rick Robinson, take good care of your pool.

    Our Pool Refinishing Processes - Premium Fiber Coat and Epoxy
    Learn about our 8-Step
    Premium Fiber Coat
    Pool Refinishing Process

    We use two different products for refinishing and resurfacing pools: fiberglass coating and an epoxy sealer.

    Premium Fiber Coat Process
    Our Fiber Coat Pool Resurfacing involves an 8 Step Process using virgin vinyl ester resin, Fiberglass Chopped Strand Mat, and gel coats. All of our fiberglass applications are done by hand leaving a finish that is smooth, uniform, non-abrasive and watertight. A Fiberglass surface is strong, durable, and non-porous and should last 25 - 30 years. The fiberglass liner is easier to maintain and clean and resists discoloration which reduces the need for sandblasting and acid-washing. The stain-resistant properties of a Fiberglass surface can reduce chemical use by up to 30-50%, mainly due to reduced water loss. Fiberglass resists algae, and causes no chemical reactions, so chemical balance is easier to maintain. Reduced water loss also makes it easier to maintain pool temperature, reducing your heating costs.

    For more details on our Fiber Coat Pool Resurfacing Process, please visit the Premium Fiber Coat Process section of our web site.

    Our Two Component Epoxy System
    The American Pools Resurfacing high-tech epoxy system for resurfacing and refinishing concrete, gunite, and fiberglass pools is superior for improving the appearance and creating a tough, long-lasting coating. Our state-of-the-art high build epoxy resins, acrylic modities, and catalysts are formulated specifically for use in chemically trated water. The reinforced fillers add physical strength, adhesion, and flexibility to your pool's surface. The protective finish is rich in texture and color and reduces maintenance, cleaning, and the amount of chemicals needed.

    Our epoxy system creates a surface that is a structurally strong water proof barrier which should last 10 - 15 years. This smooth coating finish is truley seam-free and prevents or covers unsightly surface cracks and stops water loss. The smooth, non-porous surface does not allow algae or stains to penetrate puts an end to hard brushing, harsh chemical cleaning, and scrubbing.

    APR now offers two methods of applying the Epoxy system: rolling and spraying. The specific requriements of the project dictate which method we recommend. To learn more about our Epoxy Pool Resurfacing Process, please visit our Epoxy Sealer and Epoxy Spray sections of our web site.
    No matter the size or shape of your pool, in the long run fiberglass resurfacing saves you time and money by improving your pool's quality
    and look, and reducing maintenance costs.
    You Get Quality Work at a Fair Price-
    it's The American Way.
    It's OUR Way!

    Do It Yourself Pool Resurfacing is an excellent solution to your pool problems. American Pools Resurfacing sells the products and provides the instructions to resurface your pool yourself.

    Order Pool Resurfacing Products and Do It Yourself Kits by calling 1-877-89-POOLS,
    or Contact Us through our website, or email.
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    Pool Resurfacing Materials

    DIY Pool Resurfacing Kits

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